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The Grand Wailea Luxury Maui Hotel Means Kid Friendly like You’ve Never Seen

The Grand Wailea, Waldorf Astoria Resort in Maui, Hawaii is a Luxury Maui Hotel, and kid-friendly resort, designed to WOW all age groups! You can run barefoot through 40-acres of this resort. Looking for a truly kid-friendly resort, with pre-set features for 13-17 year olds?

The Rock, is a recreational outlet center for over 13-yrs., opened from 9 AM to 10 PM. Camp Grande, and Ohana Hale, family friendly locations for all ages has a Karaoke Lounge, Playstation 3, Rock Band, XBOX 360, Wii, even LEGO Island.

Experienced camp counselors:

  • 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM for physical activities
  • relay races, scavenger hunts, and contests
  • guided tide pooling
  • and arts & crafts in Maui are uniquely explored
  • lunch included
  • Adventure program runs 12:30 to 4 PM
  • Night Camp is available 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM​
  • includes crab hunting, glowing in the dark parties, and walkie-talkie tag.

We’re sure moms and dads are enjoying this Maui Resort as much as the kids!

Wentworth by the Sea

Wentworth by the Sea is a large hotel with over 161 rooms and suites near the ocean. Guest rooms have a king or double bed. Rooms have a marble bath, and view of the ocean. Take advantage of the many different travel packages that offer specials on food, spa services, and holidays. The resort has an indoor and outdoor pool to enjoy and an exercise studio with a whirlpool.

There is tennis and golf facilites for the active guest that wants to enjoy a typical New Hampshire Vacation. Stop by the Spa for a massage, facial, or a manicure. Dine at the many restaurants on the premises. The Salt Kitchen and Bar has breakfast, lunch and dinner. It features primarily seafood. Enjoy Latitudes another restaurant while you sit t by the ocean and enjoy seafood and great entrees for lunch and dinner.

This is one of the best Portsmouth Hotels for a summer vacation to enjoy historical attractions, dining, swimming, golfing and beach activities. Enjoy sites like the Strawberry Banke Museum with history, crafts and food. A great stop this summer or fall for vacation.

The Tropicana Laughlin: The Best of Both Worlds

Tucked conveniently in away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, the Tropicana is one of the premiere and modern Laughlin Casinos. This beautiful area is home to premiere gaming resorts as well as beautiful weather that you can’t be, all year round.

This one of the Laughlin Hotels that is only 90 miles from Vegas and a short day trip from cities in Arizona and California. Not only that, though. Want to escape the bright lights and gaming scene? No problem! The Tropica is only a short drive away from picture postcard landscapes and natural beauty.

Amenities of the Tropicana Laughlin Include:

  • A modern gaming casino with all the slots and tables that you want.
  • Fine dining with a wide variety of choices such as a succulent steak house, delicious Italian and a huge buffet.
  • World class entertainment at lounges, bars and the famous Pavilion Theater with big name tickets!

The Tropican Laughlin is a mix of world-class entertainment and gaming coupled with rustic, panoramic views nearby. The best of both worlds!


Woodlands Resort

A true Texas resort, in every since of the word, The Woodlands Resort exceeds guest expectations from the moment you walk through the door. Luxurious comfort, fine dining, assorted amenities, and courteous and professional staff, is the standard at The Woodlands.


Whether you’re interested in a getaway for two or a vacation with the family, a variety of fun and relaxing activities awaits. From beautifully detailed rooms with all the comforts of home, a relaxing spa and refreshing pool to tee time and the The Forest Oasis Waterscape for kids, there’s something for everyone.


The Houston resort is miles away from the busy city, yet close enough that 30 minutes is all it takes to be in the heart of downtown.

The resorts convenient location provides easy access to local shopping venues that include The Woodlands Mall, Town Center and Market Street. Dine at the resort with choices from sumptuous menus or make the short drive to tantalize your palate with a variety of dining options from bakeries and buffets to cafes and pizza parlors.

The Breakers

South Florida resorts have proven to enjoy an enduring level of popularity for many people in the state. This is owing to the fact that there are some resplendent activities that people may enjoy when they arrive in the area. Most people will appreciate the chance to try out these Florida resorts for themselves. They may want to book rooms in advance, because they are quite popular. Guests will want to contact staff members about some of the special rates and other features that they could get for themselves when they arrive here soon.

There are a full range of different experiences people could expect to get when they arrive at this location. Many visitors will appreciate the opportunity to understand more about the venues that are available in the area. They can take a walk on the beach or enjoy some of the golf resorts that are in the area. Some guests may appreciate the opportunity to customize their stay however they may see fit. It could be helpful to call in advance and make special arrangements with the friendly hotel operators here.

M&R Hotel Management – Committed to NYC Hotel Management Excellence

Branded as a company committed to excellence, M&R Hotel Management NYC handles more than just the operation of various hotels throughout the greater New York City region.

Serving areas near both JFK and LaGuardia airports as well as Staten Island and the heart of the Big Apple, M&R manages properties of many of the nation’s largest chains. Owners of Holiday Inn, Hilton, Days Inn, Best Western, and Comfort Inn properties rely on M&R Hotel Management for a variety of services, on both the front end and behind office doors.

Front-end assistance includes food and beverage handling, day-to-day operations management, and human resources duties.

Behind the scenes, the management firm assists with development and site selection, structural design, financing, accounting and revenue management, and various analyses that help owners determine feasibility and profitability.

Well-rounded service offerings and an owner-operator approach to management allows M&R to help each of its properties become successful and reputable and thrive among the competition.

Well-rounded service offerings and an owner-operator approach to management allows M&R to help each of its properties become successful and reputable and thrive among the competition.

When Traveling to Evansville, Don’t Miss the Excellent Evansville Hotels or Great Gaming Action and Entertainment at the Evansville Casinos

On my trips through Evansville, I make it a point to stay in the luxurious Evansville Hotels for first-rate guest accommodations and stop by the fast-paced Evansville Casinos for a fun whirl of gaming and wonderful entertainment.

The staff at all Evansville establishments is accustomed to treating their guests and patrons like special royalty, recognizing me as a long lost and greatly missed friend. The warm welcome waiting for me always thrills me and makes me feel valued when I arrive after a long trip.

The Evansville hotels are well-designed and tastefully appointed with new furnishings and tasteful decorations. Food in the dining areas is well-presented and delicious.

The Evansville Casinos all feature my favorite games. Just being there makes me feel like a winner. Friendly staff greet me cordially and make me feel at home in the fun, beautifully designed atmosphere.

The Broadmoor – Colorado Springs

Of the many Colorado Springs resorts being developed, there is one that will tend to stand apart from many other venues in the area. The Broadmoor has developed a strong reputation over the years, thanks to some of the unique features of the hotel itself. There are actually several different dining and nightlife options at this resort alone, which will make for an unfortgettable experience that everyone will enjoy. Visitors can customize their stay at these Colorado resorts, helping to make this venue special among Colorado resorts.

Part of the appeal of this location is the welcoming atmosphere that people will find when they arrive here soon. Guests will note that they can actually reserve their room in advance and work with the staff to cultivate the perfect stay when they arrive. Even concierge services can be set up here, which will help people who want to stick to a particular travel itinerary when they arrive. Guests may want to call ahead and work with the staff to create the perfect experience for themselves.

Samoset Resort

Maine vacations are starting to draw in a lot of attention from travelers from all over the country, thanks to locations such as the Samoset Resort. This is owing to the fact that the state features a lot of natural beauty and culture for people to enjoy when the arrive soon. Residents will appreciate the fact that they can join in on a wide array of social activities when they head in here. There is an on site golf course that has proven to be a major draw for new arrivals. The staff can help visitors book a comprehensive service package when they opt to head in to the area.

This Maine hotel will also make it easy for groups to enjoy their stay when they arrive. Some visitors will want to learn more about the unique service options that they may have for themselves. They can book meetings, venues and even weddings when they arrive here. The staff can help people make arrangements in advance to learn more about what options that they have.

Crescent Hotels & Resorts

Crescent Hotels & Resorts offer superb management services to some of the most renowned hotels and resorts around the world. The company is recognized as being among the top three management companies that is proficient in taking hotels and resorts to the next level.

Why Choose A Crescent Hotel Management Team?

Exceptional Hotel management begins with Crescent exceptional management team. Providing continued support to day to day operations, helping to increase and exceed profitability margins, and integrating a profound and practical hand -on approach to entities under the umbrella is what makes Crescent Hotel Management services the best.

Crescent Hotel Management manages 5 star hotel chains and franchises such as The Hyatt Place, Marriott, Sheraton Hotel and Resorts, Hilton, Starwood, Wyndham, Canada and Independence. These are just a small list of select franchises that employs the expertise and experience of Crescent management services.

These franchise hotels and resorts are located in nearly every state in the United States, Canada, and North America. Crescent offers a personalized touch of unique and profound management skills, which includes executive level managerial strategies that works every time. The results have been amazing and have proven to be successful in inspiring and uplifting the hotels and resorts nationwide.